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30_scenes's Journal

30 Scenes - A Harry Potter themed slash community
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30 Scenes - A Harry Potter themed slash community
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Welcome to 30_scenes! This is a friendly, low-pressure community of writers and artists who want to explore and develop their skills based on the original 30_kisses Themes.

Feel free to join just to enjoy the fanworks, but don't be intimidated. Writers and artists of all levels are welcome to participate.

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001.Hagrid's Cabin. 002.Forbidden Forest. 003.The Owlery. 004.Library. 005.The Three Broomsticks.
006.Borgin & Burkes. 007.Ottery St Catchpole. 008.Corn Field. 009.The Shrieking Shack. 010.Cafe.
011.Gringotts. 012.Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. 013.The Knight Bus. 014.Number 12, Grimmauld Place. 015.The Ministry of Magic.
016.The Beach. 017.Kings Cross Station. 018.No.4 Privet Drive. 019.Hyde Park. 020.City Centre.
021.Chinese restaurant. 022.Tattoo Shop. 023.Potions classroom. 024.The Lake. 025.The Great Hall.
026.Lighthouse. 027.Sailboat. 028.Sunrise on top of a mountain. 029.[one of your pair]'s bed. 030.Bathroom.

Obviously, these prompts are very Harry Potter. You can, however, use other fandoms who have crossed over into the Harry Potter world.

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001. You, alone or with one other person are allowed to claim two
pairs at a time. If you claim two pairs, you are committing yourself to completing
two sets of 30 claims, making 60 stories in all.
002. All stories, drawings, paintings and songfics are allowed. Icons and banners are not.
003. Make your pairing requests in this post, putting "harry & the potters" in the subject field so I know you've read the rules. Please remember to check and make sure your pairing isnt already taken. Only one pair can be taken at a time.
004. When you are finished with a pairing or simply dont want to continue writing, please comment in this entry and then your pairing will become available to someone else.
005. In order to keep it fair, you must post at least once a month. If you fail to make a post within a month, you will lose your pairing.
006. Only art/fic may be posted in this community. Posts with icons, banners or community ad's will be deleted ASAP.
007. All entries will be added to the memories once a week. If I happen to miss one, please let me know ASAP by commenting in my personal journal.
008. You can write the prompts in absolutely any order you want to. Whether you start of with number 13 or number 28; it's up to you.
009. Feel free to do as you please in your work but the scene has to stay. For example, if the prompt is 'pumpkin patch' your art/fic must take place in a pumpkin patch.
010. I'm going to ask for at least 100 words per entries. I, along with many others, dont particularly enjoy reading one liners. I came across a few communities purely for one liners if that is what you're looking for.
011. Please dont submit work in progress; keep your work to yourself until fully finished.

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001. When posting, please do so in this format:
Subject Line: Title (Fandom/Pairing/Prompt)
Prompt: (full name and number)
Authors Notes:
002. Please place ALL work under an LJ cut. If submitting written work, please provide a short description in the summary. If submitting art work, please place a 100x100 icon or describe it.

003. Plagiarism will absolutely not be tolerated and feedback is always appreciated.

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Please leave a comment in my personal journal if you wish to affiliate.